Me and My Sewing Box

It turns out blogging is addictive.

I use to write diaries when growing up so this is DANGER ZONE! Thankfully the demands of parenting, housework, naps and surprising sunny afternoons keep my itchy fingers at bay…for now! My mind has also become like Carrie Bradshaw’s, however instead of thoughts full of questions mine are sentences in future blog posts.

What’s different about raising a baby with a limb difference? So far, nothing. He behaves like every other 11 week old, he cries, poos, feeds, sleeps and smiles. He is learning what he can do with things in the world, he’s learning that his arms have different functions to do these things, for example is right arm is for grabbing and his left arm is for whacking…and boy does he love whacking, I feel for objects in his way. Actually, I feel for my throat, he has a knack whilst I’m burping him of getting me right where it chokes.

It is around the 11 week mark that I got my sewing box out with my eldest. I haven’t got any great skill with sewing, I’d describe it has more make do and mend, well actually very much ‘make do’. For my daughter it came out because I got so annoyed at those fiddly tiny little buttons they put on the back of t-shirts that I took them off and replaced them with poppers. Seriously who puts such things on garments for someone who can barely hold their head up?!

My sewing box is well loved i.e. falling apart, and even though I can’t fit everything I need in I won’t get another one because nothing else has yet brought me joy like it has. So why has it come out again?



For this reason, as modelled by my right hand man. I have to roll his sleeves up so is arm can breathe. it gets very sweaty if I keep it covered, and as he seems to have a tiny bit of palm it’s good for him to be able to feel different textures. Even though there isn’t much difference in length between his right and left arm, it still needs rolling up as the lack of digits mean the sleeves slip down. I’ve nothing against items needing to be rolled up, I’m 5ft 2 (and a half…very important that half) so my life is lived in rolled up trouser legs. Now for most of my right hand man’s items rolling the sleeve up isn’t an issue as they are easy to do so, however, I’m discovering that some are tricky and like to unroll, every couple of seconds, therefore I am using my well loved sewing box to lightly sew the most prone to this into their correct place.


Sleepsuits seem to be the worst for this rapid unravel, in particular, this kind as pictured above, with both the fold over function and the ribbing (if that’s what the orange bit is called). It’s absolutely not a big issue, but it’s sorting out those little things when I’ve got a moment that make life that little bit more lovely.

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