Appointment Update

We had a meeting with a consultant today.

As promised in my last post, here is an update on the appointment at the hospital today.

It turns out waiting rooms in the children’s department of hospitals are fab! There are toys to play with, films and TV shows on, computer games, books, colouring in, and because of all of that there’s this wonderful buzz and atmosphere. None of this awkward silence, reading every single poster on the walls five times (including the wash hands sign) and trying to avoid making eye contact with the other people waiting like you get in regular waiting rooms. Which got my husband and I wondering why can’t regular waiting rooms be like that? Instead of posters (or if you’re very fortunate a 2 year old issue of a magazine) to read, why not some adult colouring books, a Rubik’s cube, or even a lego table, which will get people moving about whilst waiting and enjoy their time?

This is completely off topic, but I do ask any people with influence reading this post that you do seriously consider the above suggestions.

Clearly thrilled by the waiting room action

It was a good job that the waiting room was so great because we were there for way over an hour and our bag of goodies to entertain our now three year old daughter would not have lasted long! When we were finally seen it was simply a meeting for the consultant to check my right hand man was developing well (which he is) and to let us know that we have been referred to a specialist plastics doctor in a near by city, who apparently, is excellent. Always nice to hear. It could take up to 18 weeks to hear back from the plastics team, there’s no rush we’re very happy to take this process at a leisurely pace. We’ve always said that when it comes to prosthetics we want to be guided by my son as he ultimately has to be happy, and if he is perfectly happy cracking on with life without plastic aids then that’s completely fine by us, although I was recently told a story of someone with a limb difference who went to shake someones hand with their prosthetic on, then swiftly removed their arm from it leaving the person holding ‘their hand’. They freaked out slightly. Ha. The chance of such amusements does make the whole thing more tempting!

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