How Time Flies

My right hand man is 3 months old.

Overwhelmed with excitement at this life milestone.

When I had my daughter I remember her getting to 3 months old and feeling as if a lifetime had passed since she was born, with this little fella I feel like I’ve blinked and three months has passed by. I blame Christmas!

After the craziness of my daughter’s birthday celebrations this week has been much calmer, mainly because we’ve all developed a cold, including my son. His first ever cold, and he’s not happy about it funnily enough. This has meant we’ve done a lot of resting, well I say lots, more than I would normally. Those of you who know me are fully aware that I am rubbish at resting. Frozen has finally fallen off the top of my daughter’s favourite films list and it has been replaced by Big Hero 6. I’m quite glad about this, I love Frozen, but oh my days Big Hero 6 is great. It’s therefore been a welcomed addition to our ‘I’m ill let’s chill and watch a film’ state of being.

My daughter defining 'Chillaxing' whilst watching Big Hero 6.
My daughter defining ‘Chillaxing’ whilst watching Big Hero 6.

Frequently I find myself doing jobs around the house with only one hand whilst I’m holding my son in the other (A common parenting state of being with a young baby), most tasks are fine to complete in such a way however some are trickier. Recently I’ve caught myself saying ‘Oh I can’t do this with one hand!’ and instantly I can hear my son in the future laughing at me for saying such a thing. As well as his laugh, thanks to our binge on Big Hero 6, I now have a quote from the film floating around my head at the same time:

“Use those big brains of yours and dig your way out of the problem. Find a new angle!”

It’s challenging me. Life isn’t going to be a problem for my right hand man, but he will certainly have to find a new angle to accomplish certain tasks. He won’t be allowed to let obstacles to get in the way, and over the past few days I’ve noticed him discovering his surroundings more, discovering that his feet are his and he can grab them, discovering textures and patterns…simply discovering what his body can do. It’s so interesting to watch this and I’m incredibly excited about how much he is going to change and develop over the following 3 months, all those other milestones (Rolling? Sitting? Starting to crawl?) that are coming up. What I love is that as with all babies at this stage he is going to find his way of doing it, his own angle on a task, and I’m looking forward to seeing what that will look like. Until they are mobile all babies are faced with the same limitation…they can’t move. “I see that lovely colourful thing over there and I want it but I can’t reach it.” Instead of letting that stop them, they figure out how to get it.

My Right Hand Man exploring textures and patterns during tummy time.
My Right Hand Man exploring textures and patterns during tummy time.

As I’ve mentioned before, we all have limitations, and one of mine certainly is that I let obstacles and set backs stop me, possibly due to lack of confidence, or caring too much about what other people will think. When did I stop finding my new angle? So over the past week or so, I chuckle at what my son might say to me in the future when I make silly remarks, and I think about Big Hero 6 and a look for a new angle. It’s been fab, I’m learning more about what I can do when I don’t limit myself by my own lack of self-belief.

I’ve very excited to see where this finding a new angle journey will take both myself and my son. Watch this space for sure.

And in the words of Baymax *Balalalalala”.


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