Love a Good Bit of Post

It’s always nice when something other than a bill comes through your door.

Recently our letters from hospitals have increased, often with a booking for an appointment. Today a letter from the hospital about my right hand man arrived. Here is how it opened..


No kidding Sherlock! Made me chuckle.

It’s a follow up letter from our appointment last week, which is actually rather nice. The doctor describes my right hand man as ‘thriving’ and ‘smiley’ as well as saying how he seems perfectly healthy and developing well. They are all things every parent likes to read. Of course I don’t need a letter to tell me he’s developing well, I can see that every day, it always amazes me how speedy babies learn at this stage, and how soon they leave the tiny baby phase. He is learning so much about what his limbs can do, and as he currently has a fascination with chewing everything (hoping it’s not teething quite yet) he is figuring out how to get an interesting item into this mouth. This can be anything from fingers and his left arm to fabric and toys.

Here he is chewing away on Sophie, very tight hold.

I am finding it completely fascinating, I’m so in love with watching him work out how to get things. I know I talked about this in the last post, but it seriously is amazing. I’ve found it a challenge over the years to not wade in when I’ve seen my daughter trying to figure things out, if you have ever sat with a toddler whilst they try and put a jigsaw puzzle together you’ll understand this situation. I’ve therefore had to really tell myself not to wade in with this little fella as he grows and to let him work things out for himself. Maybe somebody reading can share their experience of this because I’m fascinated and would love to know how to deal with problem solving correctly.

It’s been a challenging week due to lots of solo parenting, long days and not enough rest, however every day this week I’ve found myself going ‘Wow look how he’s doing that!’ which has really brightened things up. I am sure there will be more of those of the years.


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