Little Mover

Get the baby gates ready!

Only joking, he’s four months old of course he isn’t about to go and start crawling, but he has started the exploring how to move stage. In fact the other day he rolled over for the first time, which was a very exciting moment for all of us especially my daughter. Typically he hasn’t done it again since!

Photo after he'd rolled over for the first time.
Photo after he’d rolled over for the first time.

He is really beginning to explore and although it’s small potatoes compared to some of the larger milestones, they are still amazing and exciting. The kind of thing you love but your friendly local butcher is a bit underwhelmed by. Ever since day one of sharing our news about his left hand it’s always bothered me slightly when people say “he’ll adapt”, it comes from a wonderful place but still, it’s niggled me, and I’ve never understood why until I read this post from a new UK blog (scroll down to the bit under the heading ‘She’ll adapt’). I realised that it’s because for my son he is never adapting he is only ever finding his way of doing things, just like every other child. It’s kind of like when we all find our own way of eating a crème egg, or Jaffa cake (I’m a nibble the edges, then the chocolate, then the Jaffa bit and finally the sponge kinda gal). Everyone finds a way of doing a task that works for them, you can only ‘adapt’ if something has changed for you.

I was at my favourite Friday group last week were we went on a journey through space, at the end of the session the leader commented on how my right hand man had been using his left arm to interact with the ‘space blanket’ (mainly so he could eat it) and gave us one to take home so he could continue learning how else he can use his arm. That was a lovely thing for her to do, and it was great that she recognised he has ability whilst providing an opportunity for him to discover more.

Wrapped in his Space Blanket, loving it.
Wrapped in his Space Blanket, loving it.

Just like we always thought and believed he is showing us every day that he can do the same as those with both full limbs. He can pick up balls, move objects and recently he discovered how to bring something he wants to himself with the left arm. All in the name of wanting to eat what ever the item is.

"hmmm here is a ball..."
“hmmm here is a ball…”
"...now I must eat it!"
“…now I must eat it!”

We’ve got even more exciting times ahead, I know, and I’m looking forward to sharing with you more about what else my right hand man has discovered he can do.

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