That’s Me Told

I won’t be doubting again.

The other day I tweeted about my right hand man and his achievement with a boat in the bath. I thought I’d share more about that moment as I learnt a lot from it.

Let’s set the scene… he’s in the bath, I’ve managed to convince my daughter it’s okay to share her toy boats with him and a purple one sails by in front of him. Okay, floats past.

At first he tried to grab it with his right hand, he almost got it, but it slipped out of his fingers. On it went moving past him. He stuck out his left hand and for the first time ever I found myself thinking ‘What a shame.’ I’ve never thought or felt that before. It struck me that if he had fingers he would have been able to grab it.

He kept trying to get at the boat with his left arm, it kept moving away and would float back, and still he kept reaching out for it. It was then I realised that he doesn’t have a grab instinct with his left arm as it’s never had that ability. I’ve heard of something called a ‘ghost hand’ with those who lose a hand, but he will never have that. So if he isn’t putting his arm out to grab, what is he trying to do?

He was really concentrating, then the next thing I know he’s stopped the boat in it’s tracks with his arm and then hooked it into a hole, once he’d got control of it he then pulled it towards him and ate it…obviously.

Well that was me told. He was able to do something with his left arm he couldn’t do with his right hand. He recognised his own ability whilst I couldn’t. Bad mummy. I’m certainly going to learn from this, and never again will I think ‘What a shame’ because my right hand man can.

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  1. Well done little chap!! thank you for sharing your lovely blog. You’re not a bad mummy, you’re a mummy that cares and as a mummy myself to two, I have learned to try and relax a little, these wonderful little beings will always need help from us, but they are pretty smart at figuring things out and adapting and all at their own wonderful pace.

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