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Appointment News

I can finally stop waiting for the postman.

My postman Carl is a great man, he’s always cheery and leaves smiley faces on the ‘Sorry you where out’ cards. Since we were told at our last checking in appointment for my right hand man that it could be up to 18 weeks until we find out about when an appointment with a specialist would be I’ve been eagerly awaiting the post. As time has gone on I’ve found myself more and more expectant of it.

Up until now we’ve had a very hands off approach from doctors care compared with most people’s experiences, which has been great as we have been left to simply crack on in life and enjoy it without lots of tests and what not. At the same time there’s always been this niggling feeling we’ve slipped through some sort of net and really we’ve been a wee bit forgotten about.

I no longer need to acutely watch out for the post, but not because we’ve received some. I received an appointment reminder text, an appointment that is tomorrow. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! After a swift phone call it turns out the appointment was made yesterday, random, and funnily enough at such short notice we can’t make it. We’ve now rearranged it for the next nearest one, so I’ll keep you updated when that happens.

For now I can await post like any normal person again! I’m quite excited that the specialist process has started, it’s a new adventure for us all, I’m hoping in this appointment we can be referred to our local limb centre so we can use some of the care that’s offered there too. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy watching my right hand man develop (right now he’s beating up a toy…poor toy), and try not to over think things. Learn to go with the flow.

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