It’s Not Always About His Hand

He smiles a lot.

My Right Hand Man is a sociable baby, he loves being around people. If he is in a room full of people he will do his best to find someone he can make eye contact with so then he can tilt his head, turn on the sparkle and give them a massive smile. He’s a charmer. He already knows the head tilt gets a bigger response than simply smiling on its own which is why he does it.



The two main things people comment on are his smile and his size. He’s 6 months old but he is the same size of some one year olds, he’s isn’t a chubby baby just long and, well, dense.

Due to this blog we do think about his left hand often because we are wondering what to write next, but recently my husband had an encounter which really highlighted to us that it isn’t always about his hand.


We were swimming at our local pool, my husband and right hand man were in this splash play area section which often has toys floating around that you can play with. Before going into the actual pool with my daughter I’d given a couple of these toys to my right hand man. A few seconds later the mum of a child near by turns round to Jon and says of her child;
“I’m sorry she’s staring at your son…”
(Jon starts to prepare himself for the conversation.)
“…It’s just he’s playing with her toys.”
I’d only gone and accidentally given him toys they’d brought with them rather than the pools own. Oups.

Needless to say we felt silly on two counts 1) for taking another child’s toy and 2) for assuming anyone who’s going to approach us about our son is going to want to talk about his hand.

He is a growing person, who is developing his own personality, his own achievements and his own quirks so it really isn’t always about his hand, sometimes it is about his smile, sometimes it is about him reaching a new milestone, and sometimes it is about the simple fact that he is playing with someone else’s toys.


He is definitely so much more than the little boy with the little hand.

What a great and humbling reminder to have about that fact. Now let’s get over ourselves and crack on with life.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I’ve totally been there. As our little people grow, you find you don’t have to be on guard to advocate as immediately. I’m so glad you’ve coming to that discovery. Let yourself relax, have fun with your massive, adorable 6-month-old cutie head.

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