“Ain’t no stopping him noooow, he’s on the move!”

You may have seen from the various social media platforms that my right hand man is crawling!

He’s a moving baby. He is even pulling himself up, so he’s a moving, lifting, not advisable to take your eyes off him baby! However I also have an active pre schooler so my eyes do come away from him occasionally and he may have already gained a little bruise on his forehead from going into a door. Not cool.


It is very exciting that he’s crawling, we had been told that he might not crawl because he’d be off balance. In fact the consultant we saw the other week looked very doubtful when we told her that he was trying to crawl. It’s great to show the doubters that you shouldn’t put limits on people. Even if he had never crawled that’s not a bad thing, the probability of my right hand man not crawling was always given to us as a negative, as if we needed to be prepared for some kind of great sadness because my child might not behave like the text books say he should. It isn’t a negative though is it, because if he didn’t crawl he would have found a different way to get around, and that’s exciting.


Also this week he’s started clapping! I say clapping he bashes his left arm against his right hand as if it had done some kind of wrong deed, but it’s his current way of clapping and it’s beautiful and nearly made me cry.

He has been showing off his abilities with this week of firsts and it has got me thinking, yet again, about the importance of not getting all caught up in the ‘how’s’.

How will he cut up his food?

How will he tie his shoes?

How will he fasten a tie?

How? Well he just will. He will do what ever it is I could wish to query in my mind and quite frankly, it is so completely not worth fretting over. I know that’s easier said than done, but as I sat there earlier this week watching him stuff a blueberry in his face that he’d picked up himself, I just thought about all the little mini achievements that he’s made recently and all the ones we have ahead. In that moment I just felt the joy and excitement of having to wait to see how all that will look, not worrying how he will complete them.

It’s a bit like Christmas morning, you don’t worry about what your presents will look like (unless you have one from that relative who always buys you the strangest gifts), you are excited about that unknown. Our children, whether abled or differently abled, are like gifts, we don’t know how what they will achieve will look but they will achieve great things, especially if we regularly remind them of their ability and don’t limit them.

Growing too quickly
Growing too quickly

I’m naturally a worrier, and it’s hard not to be with everything going on in the world at the moment, but since becoming pregnant with my right hand man I am learning to worry less, I’m learning not to plan ahead, to try and make sure all possible angles and outcomes are covered, I’m learning how to just enjoy each moment of the day and not fret so much over the future. It’s not like there are hundreds of people with limb differences sitting around unable to eat, cook food, wash, get dressed, make a living, etc, etc. They are all living life, accomplishing every day tasks as well as the amazing ones simply because they are completely and perfectly able. So why waste time worrying?

I am absolutely enjoying life free from the shackles of worrying about these things, and when it comes to my right hand man then people who don’t know him and don’t see beyond the text book way of doing things can worry if that’s what they would like to do. As for me, I’m going to champion his abilities and enjoy watching him learn and grow.

The only thing I really need to worry about is the safety of my face around him!!
The only thing I really need to worry about is for the safety of my face around him!!

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