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Yes I Can

I read something I loved this week.

“So blessed that my son gets to grow up in a world where disability doesn’t mean ‘no you can’t’…if the first 8 months are anything to go by I’m thinking he’s going to be a ‘yes I can’ kind of guy!”

That was written by my husband about our right hand man whilst sharing the epic Channel 4 Paralympic video. Have you seen it? It’s amazing, please take some time and have a watch…

I’ve shown it to so many people..completely obsessed with it.

My right hand man is very much a ‘Yes I can’ boy, nobody in his life is currently telling him that he can’t. Well unless it’s something like throwing himself into a fireplace…or eating a leaf. He is into absolutely everything, exploring everything. Over the past two weeks at childminding I’ve seen him develop and grow so much in what he can do. It’s amazing.

He crawled off the other day to merrily go and play the keyboard by himself...after the drums, cymbals and any other instrument!!
He crawled off the other day to merrily go and play the keyboard by himself…after the drums, cymbals and any other instrument!!

I work in a department that works closely with schools, and so for some people I showed that the video to the middle bit, with the teacher telling the pupil that he couldn’t do something, was quite hard to see. We constantly fight to make sure out schools and people who look after our children are inclusive. The harsh reality is that too many still see differences as limitations and shut the doors on what they can do under closed minded assumptions. This can knock people’s confidence and stop them following their dreams.

Jon’s quote is great, I’d love to believe it’s fully true, however I think our son is growing up in a world where more people are recognising people’s ability, and videos like this are definitely helping.

Having fun exploring a park in his Dinosaur puddlesuit.
Having fun exploring a park in his Dinosaur puddlesuit.

After showing the video to someone they asked what my right hand man will do. I said ‘What ever he wants to do.’

This is a ‘yes I can’ household. What ever his hobbies, interests and passions are going to be, we’re definitely not going to limit him. I’ve recently started to push myself, to see what I can do. I’ve mentioned before I lack confidence in myself over many things. I’ve started yelling ‘YES! I can do this!’ Isn’t it amazing what your mind can stop you from doing? Lack of self belief and fear. My amazing son teaches me so much about being limitless, and this video from channel four has just made me want to shout even louder about the awesomeness of our differences.

Let’s all be a ‘Yes I can’ household.

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