“You will, you just will.”

Oooooo we’ve had a lovely day today.

A couple of years ago my husband bought me a subscription to my favourite interior magazine with the idea that when it arrives I go out for a coffee or something equally as delicious on my own and have some ‘me’ time. We’re not the best at it, life is manic, Jon’s shifts are all over the place so often there isn’t time for me to go out on my own, and as a result I can frequently end up with a pile up of magazines to catch up on. That doesn’t matter though, because at some point ‘me’ time happens, and it is such a lovely treat.


Today was ‘me’ time day, and I decided to go to one of my favourite craft fairs as they have some AMAZING food there. The stall sellers are great, but the street food there is just mouth watering. Now I cheated slightly because the venue has a wonderful children’s play area and the floating cafe (that’s right…a floating cafe) does food my picky pre-schooler enjoys SO I went off to the craft fair and Jon took the kids for a play. We met up once I was finished and headed over to the cafe. We had nearly finished when I spotted a woman, she looked of retirement age, who didn’t have right hand, it was the first time this had happened for us, never before have we just stumbled across someone who also had an upper limb difference. Jon and I discussed whether we should go over and say hi, would that be okay, what would we say?! It’s not like we’d wander over to someone who was the same height as Jon and be like ‘Hey, you’re tall too!” In the end we decided we would say hi.

I took my right hand man over to their table, introduced ourselves and we had such a lovely chat. Her husband was so proud, and told me all about her accomplishments, she’s an artist apparently and has had her work exhibited in various countries, including Russia, which is cool. Repeatedly she told me how he will accomplish a lot himself, told me not to limit him, let him set the pace and that he will amaze me. I know all that already, but it’s great to hear it again!

“Unfortunately some people think no hand, no brain.” she mentioned. From the beginning I’ve always had concerns about whether I would be strong enough to deal with attitudes like that, rude comments from people, “I don’t know if I will be strong enough to deal with comments like those.” I replied, then she said something that has struck a chord with me, “You will, you just will.”

A long time ago I gave up thinking about how certain tasks will look because I know my right hand man will accomplish them so why worry about the how. In fact I don’t really have any worries about him because I am so sure he will be grand, me, however is a different matter. I am not great at confrontation, I think about all the amazing comebacks, replies etc about half an hour later, and because of that I worry that I’m not going to be the best mum to handle any rude/ignorant comments about his hand.

“You will, you just will.”

Maybe it’s the time to let go of those worries now, to know and trust that actually I will be able to do it so why worry about the how? Gosh, that’s going to be big, that means believing in myself!




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