Ten Fingers Really Seriously Are Overrated!

My internet habits really annoy my husband.

I’m the kind of person that opens lots of tabs. I see something I like, right click, open in another tab. Then I leave it open…for days.

Thankfully he loves me for all my quirks. I should just bookmark them, but I don’t, that system simply doesn’t work with my mind. Tabs, however, do work, I will eventually go back to the item I’ve opened and buy/show Jon/read. It is a bad habit, especially when it comes to items to buy as I often miss out as they sell out by the time I go back to the tab.

My perpetual tab opening paid off though last week. This time it was a blog post, I saw it pop up on Facebook thought a share from NubAbility and I didn’t have time to read it when I first saw it, so I opened the tab and left it there. I knew I wanted to read it, and I knew I eventually would have the time.

Last week saw me cry and feel like the worst parent ever! We ended up in A&E with my right hand man as I caught him with an opened bottle of massage oil in his mouth. As it contained essential oils, which are toxic, and I couldn’t say for sure that he hadn’t consumed any it was straight to the hospital.
I was making the bed, he was playing with toys in the same room, something caught my eye under the mattress so I went to sort that out, next thing I know the room starts to smell of lavender, I turn around and there he is, smiling with the bottle in his mouth and it’s open! Oil is everywhere. Rang Jon up in tears, what have I let happen to our son through a brief moment of distraction?!

Any who, very long story short, my right hand man was in A&E for hours as they had to monitor him. He was fine, tests came back fine, strongest likelihood is that he didn’t actually consume any! I’d caught it just in time.

Playing with toys last at night in the hospital.
Playing with toys late at night in the hospital.

There are couple of things that shocked us about the whole affair, and one of those even shocked the doctors.

  1. It was hidden, it was meant to be out of the reach of children, so how did he get it?
  2. It’s a screw top and he’s a just-turned-one-year-old-with-one-hand…how did he open it?!

It is the second point that shocked the doctors. They learnt a lot about ability not disability that night.

I had to come back home to look after my daughter and get her to bed, so Jon stayed with my right hand man. I waited up until they got back, it was a long wait and finally I had my chance to read the blog post I’d kept open in the tab. It was a fantastic read, loved every single bit of it, several things stood out for me but one in particular was incredibly fitting for that night:

“While others were in turmoil over “how” he was going to do the same things two-handed people do, I was confident he was created to do things differently for a purpose. It took a few months, but after he climbed up the T.V. antenna at 9-months old, my husband came around to my way of thinking. There is a plan. A perfectly purposed plan.” Rise by Lifting Post

What a perfect thing to read considering the situation. If our TV had an aerial I believe we’d catch my right hand man up it too! Our limb different children are entirely able…that translates to getting into and onto things they shouldn’t along with the things they should. Never ever underestimate ability because without a doubt ten fingers are overrated. Just because you cant picture the ‘how’ doesn’t mean it can’t happen. It totally and utterly can.

My right hand man keeps me on my toes…what a dude.


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