Thanks, Thanks a Million, Thanks Without End.

We may have been reading and watching too much ‘Stickman’ recently!

We were having breakfast yesterday morning…as you do…

“Guess what is a year old tomorrow?” I asked Jon,

“Ooh, the blog!” He replied after a long think.

“The last time I wrote a post was back in November!”

That was my sudden realisation that I hadn’t written a blog post for over a month, so without a doubt I had to make sure I wrote one today to celebrate the big blog birthday.

Despite being wrapped up like a marshmallow for the weather, he was really rather good at playing football!
Despite being wrapped up like a marshmallow for the weather, he was really rather good at playing football!

Life has been crazy busy over the past couple of months and my right hand man has been getting on with the important task of growing up. A friend recently described him as a unit, which is true, he is a sizeable one year old. Over the past week he has learnt how to say “don’t do that” which is great, however he says it to himself right after he’s done the very thing he shouldn’t be doing! It means each day is interesting. He is an incredibly active boy, he is shockingly good at football, loves climbing and making noise, he gets frustrated quickly (which leads to some passionate tantrums) and finds a way of doing everything. I’m hearing this a lot at the moment: “How’s he getting on, obviously he’ll have things that limit him?” No, not at all. Nothing limits him. I know we haven’t reached the dressing himself stage yet, and maybe over the following months/years some of my posts will be about the things he finds challenging, however I firmly believe that his determination to do the things he wants to do will be a real blessing during these times.

Annual 'hey kids wouldn't it be fun if we could try and lay down for the photo?' Photo
Annual ‘hey kids wouldn’t it be fun if we could try and lay down for the photo?’ Photo

When I started this blog I was on maternity leave and I remember the moment I decided to go for it vividly. When the children were tiny babies and napped a lot I would use at least one of the naps as an exercise opportunity and go for a walk, one that involved lots of hills so I could convince myself that I was actually burning off all the coffee and cake consumed at toddler groups/my own kitchen cupboard. I had been musing about whether to start a blog for a while and whilst on one of these walks I was thinking about how much help the small few I’d found had been for me and the fact that it had only been a small few. By starting a blog I could help people too but if I didn’t then I absolutely couldn’t because sharing experiences, sharing thoughts, worries, and the good times is such a great way of learning from each other. That was it, the next nap time I sat down to write my first post and by the following evening all was live.

Christmas Day Morning Smiles and Stretches.
Christmas Day Morning Smiles and Stretches.

Thank you for taking the time to read the posts in this blog, thank you for sharing your experiences too, thank you for your encouragement, just…Thank you. Over this past year we’ve been connected with other people with limb differences, have learnt more and more about ability and grown in confidence with those who comment about my right hand man in the bluntest of ways. Hopefully we’ve helped people along the way too.

If you’ve ever considered writing a blog I would recommend it, it’s been a wonderful way of learning and a fabulous way to meet new people.

Once again, thank you!

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