I just want to be able to look at this image again at the bottom of the page!

My Favourite Thing About Today

At the end of every day we ask each other that question.

I like it because it encourages all of us to think about the things we are grateful for, the things that have made us happy, because even when it’s been a lame day there will have been some beautiful things within it.

Today my answer was the moment I’ve captured in the main picture, a snuggle with the children. Why was this my favourite thing about today?


Jon is working away again and that’s always rough, just knowing he isn’t going to be back even once the kids are in bed seems to make the day that little bit harder. My daughter is understanding what it means for him to be working away so gets more emotional at various points throughout the day, and generally it means I can’t communicate with him often so it can be incredibly lonely. Benefit is I get to dictate my own bed time, and I chose early!

Yesterday was…erm…interesting. So many emotions stirred up around the prosthetics and a lot of challenges came with that, we aren’t 100% happy with them at the moment and some of the notes that we brought home with us weren’t the most encouraging or empowering so there has been a lot to chew and mull over. Physically holding and looking at Handi (the chosen name of the cosmetic hand) has really caused us to talk, explore and question our feelings about it.

His opposition plate (Armi) and cosmetic hand (Handi)

I’m the kind of person that loves being challenged, because I am not always right and I’m not always fully informed on various subjects, and so being challenged means I have to question what I believe and know. Sometimes that results in a change of thought and sometimes that results in a stronger belief in what I already thought with maybe a few tweaks. Either way there’s growth there and I will have always learnt something. I don’t think I’ve come out of the challenged stage yet, which is why I’m being vague on my feelings towards it…I’m still processing. We’ll all be fine, I’ll be fine, give it a couple of days and I will have got over myself! Right now my head is a little fuzzy.¬†There are plenty of positives revolving around yesterday, like an activity that I’ve invented which involves foam dice and masking tape, but I’m waiting for those items to arrive and to run the activity a few times before sharing my epic mind with the world (I don’t really have a epic mind, but I’m rather chuffed with it). Also the prosthetic team who did the fitting where superstars, they did the whole thing whilst still in the playroom, which they have as the children’s waiting room. They even went inside the wendy house at one point as they could see my right hand man was happy in there and used the chairs that where in there. I honestly can’t praise those guys enough and I’m happy that we will get to know each other more over the years.

My Right Hand Man has had conjunctivitis this week so lots of poor nights sleeps from him has meant I’m shattered.

That’s the small background behind it all.

Back to the favourite thing about today. I’m having a lovely snuggle with my right hand man just before his nap, which was so nice and then the daughter decides to join in. She climbs on top on me, buries herself in and gives me reassuring rubs and kisses on the cheek. It was one of those moments that when it’s the end of the day you go to bed thinking about with a smile. One of those moments that refocuses you, because they are why I do everything that I do. They are my world, they’re both perfectly made, whole people, clever, caring, cheeky and more. The big part of the background to that moment even being there is that desire to be the best parent you can be, and to do what is best for your children, but moments like the snuggle…gosh…magic. A reminder that what ever happens, you’ve got this, you’re doing absolutely fine.


And now for my early night! Sleep tight.

I just want to be able to look at this image again at the bottom of the page!
I just want to be able to look at this image again at the bottom of the page!

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