Keeping up with the Sister.

“Anything my sister can do I can do too.”

My Right Hand Man has grown in determination and so has his ability. In these past few weeks if his sister can do it he will find a way to do it too, and because he is so young and this is very new, it can often take him awhile to figure it out but he gets there. There are times when this trait is extremely frustrating:”Ooooh her sandwich looks much nicer than my sandwich, I would like that one right there…what do you mean it’s the same as mine? It clearly isn’t, that one is in her hands and this one, this one right here, is on my plate and that quite frankly is just not acceptable. I’m not allowed it!?! What…are you joking?! Right TANTRUM!”

I’m told they grow out of this habit!

The social media photo I used when he decided he had to find a way of climbing the post because his sister was.

It’s been absolutely amazing to watch his growing ability. Recently we were at a party and he got a mini bubble wand in a layer of pass the parcel. When the game was over all the other children opened theirs and blew some bubbles. My right hand man wasn’t any different. Previously I’ve held objects that he would grip with his left hand if he had one near to his body to encourage him to hold with his arm. Would he let me do that at the party? Would he heck, pushed me away, took the bubble tube, held it perfectly steady against his body and practiced dipping the stick in and out for ages. His method may have looked slightly different to the other children but he was achieving the exact same activity.

It showed me how much his independence is growing, and we’re reaching the stage were I can back off even more because he’s absolutely got it.

Our holiday flat was up around 5 flights of stairs and he had figured out how to climb up the whole lot by himself by day 2!

Most recently (aka Today) at gym tots he decided that because his sister and the other children were climbing up the ladder to get to the balancing beam, he should do too. He had a few slip ups, he struggles with foot placement and occasionally the metal bar hurt his left arm if he put weight on it in a certain position, but he did it. Again, and again and again. He’s 19 months old, his own daddy had only been walking a couple of weeks when he that age so my right hand man is trumping his father!!

With every week that goes by the phrase ‘Ten Fingers Are Overrated’ become less of a mantra to live by, and more a slap in the face of absolute reality.



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