Mother’s Day

Really I should be calling it Mothering Sunday otherwise I’ll be feeling the wrath of people I work with!!


I’ve just had the cutest breakfast in bed, with really thoughtful handmade cards and wrapping paper which the kids have totally drawn all over. Plus my right hand man has had a lie in. The day has peaked!! Might as well go back to sleep now. Only kidding, I’m sure there’s more adventure ahead.

Love watching them become closer as friends! A walk along an old train station yesterday.

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything, a looong time. It’s not for want of trying, however when I set this blog up it was never about writing as much as possible, but trying to document our journey. Our journey has needed this gap because it never felt like there was anything special to tell you about. We’ve been simply getting on with life, nothing has felt new, no major revelations, just doing everything will full ability as always.

My right hand man is incredible. He’s grown up a lot, and with every new task and challenge he’s found his own way of completing the tasks, from scaling fences and breaking up tiny pieces of bread to feed the birds, to potty training. Yep, we’ve been through that journey recently.

It happened earlier than we had planned, but we’ve been amazed with just how quickly he’s mastered it. He gets himself fully ready, his pants came down lobsidded for a little while, but not on his left side. He actually figured out how to push them off with his left arm before his right hand. He rolls his sleeves up by himself when he washes his hand and arm afterwards. No issues. The independence he is showing is incredible.

There may be more writing gaps ahead, and I do apologise if so. It feels bizarre to keep writing posts talking about the same thing, about my right hand man being fully able. It is an important message so I probably should say it more!! For my son he hasn’t got a disability in our opinion, he just has a different way of doing things. As always it’s a pleasure and an honour to watch him grow.

On Mothering Sunday I can say with absolute certainty that I’m so proud of him, and I love both my children with all my being.

Post bath time hugs.
Post bath time hugs.

I want to leave on this little story. A couple of weeks ago I was walking back from the school run. A group of children where behind us, I overheard one of them point out my right hand man’s hand to her friend. Her friend goes to the same church as us, she’s never asked questions but loves playing with my son. Her friends response…”Oh he was just born with one hand.” They continued to have a conversation about it. The friend was amazing. They didn’t know I could hear them and I decided not to join in because it didn’t feel like there was any need. I caught their eye by chance a bit later and gave them a big smile. Through simply living his life and getting on with it, my right hand man is showing people his ability. I think there were times I thought I’d have lots of conversions ahead of me, but actually although conversations are powerful, continuing to keep doing things and just being yourself, limitless, that’s truly powerful.

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