I have no hand and one arm

#throwbackthursday to November 2017

Not the biggest throw back at all but in the life of a two year old a lot has changed.

The picture above was taken at my cousin’s wedding, they’ve just released the professional wedding photos this week and wow, they’re amazing. This is one of my favourites, a precious moment with my right hand man. We were watching the sheep in the field talking about what we could see and I’m so glad it has been captured. (Photo Credit:

It has got me thinking about all the other moments we’ve had since that photo was taken. Some beautiful…some I’d rather forget…and some which have made me go “ooo that’s new!”.

We actually had an “oooo that’s new!” moment two weeks ago. I say new, new to me, because when I told our wonderful childminder this story it turns out my right hand man has been doing it for awhile! We were at a very amazing birthday party when one of the children started asking questions about my right hand man’s hand. Between his mum and myself we answered his questions and then suddenly my right hand man chimes in, “I have no hand and one arm.” pointing to his left arm, “and look…” He holds up his left arm “I’ve got a cut!” And starts to tell them about a two week old scab he had on there from a fall.

At the amazing party gathering and lifting branches to make a pirate ship.

That was the first time I’d ever heard him talk about his arm. I was amazed. It’s one of those moments I knew would come eventually, just like I know the moment he starts asking questions about his arm will come too, I guess I wasn’t quite expecting it at the age of 2. A camera definitely wasn’t needed for this moment, because it’s one I will remember for an incredible length of time. We’ve known he has been aware of his limb difference for quite awhile, in fact only the other month he showed this when we were reading the book Difference is Awesome. When he saw the character Ryan my right hand man used his right hand to high five Ryan’s and then did the fist pump equivalent with their left arms. Now my right hand man’s speech and communication is growing he’s obviously able to vocalise what he knows, and it feels like this is the start of a new phase in our journey.


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